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The church regularly supports the BMS (Baptist Missionary Society) financially through its monthly offerings. The BMS has linked the church to Liz and Sergio Vilela who are in Mozambique with their children. This is so that we can support their work and family in prayer. Some in the church will correspond with them so that they are kept in touch with life back in the UK. They have 2 children, a daughter Chloe and a son Joshua.

265110161015972582392533242679     "...I have come that they might have life, and have it in abundance”                                     (John 10:10)

Taken from the BMS website:

Liz and Sergio are serving in Beira, Mozambique. They are working alongside the Mozambican Baptist Convention helping to build capacity in youth ministry and community projects.

Liz and Sergio met in Brazil when she volunteered with YWAM during her university holidays. Sergio was already working as a mission worker with them. After marrying in 2007 they continued to work in Brazil for another year and then both felt called by God to do some Christian work in England. As a result they have spent three years as youth pastors at Saffron Walden Baptist Church, which is now their sending church.

Liz and Sergio knew moving to England would not be long term as they had always felt a call to mission overseas. So when their time at the church ended in 2011, they felt it was right to seek opportunities to work with BMS.

After training they went to Mozambique in 2013 where they work with the local Mozambican church. Sergio encourages and supports pastors and church leaders throughout Mozambique.  He also works in the Igreja Baptista do Aeroporto (Airport Baptist Church Beira). 

 Give thanks that after four years in Mozambique, they now feel settled in the new culture and that their ministries are progressing well.

The Mozambique Baptist Convention has many local Pastors and Missionaries who have NEVER had any formal theological training!
After Sergio's first successful training course they want more.
He is now engaged in providing six separate weeks of training over two years and he will have to visit churches all over the country.

Liz uses her skills through PEPE (a pre-school education programme) to train and develop pre-school educators and community workers across Mozambique. She has just returned from Play Therapy training in France

Liz Vilela

Liz teaching a new dance and song to a group.

Liz is very concerned that the PEPE parents and teachers have little appreciation of the dangers that children encounter every day. 

She holds well attended classes to show that children are God's gift to be treasured

Liz and Sergio write:
Liz had a great time in France doing her post grad certificate course in play therapy skills, though it was very intense, but she is really looking forward to starting her placement as a therapeutic play practitioner and getting on with her assignments. She has to do 100 clinical hours alongside Skype supervision, and has set up a placement at a local Christian school. We are excited about what God is going to do through this ministry, but Liz needs His guidance and wisdom, and also that He will give understanding to the staff at the school as she gives a presentation to them on play therapy. The concept of play being very beneficial to children is a new concept here so play therapy might take a little while for people to get on board.
We give thanks to God for a safe journey back to Beira from Maputo. The car wasn’t in a good state on the way there but now it is fine.
Three days after Liz arrived from France, we all went to Chimoio, a town near to Zimbabwe where Sergio always has his training with the Mozambican Pastors/missionaries. He had a week’s training with them in a local Church, with classes on finance, marriage and the law, the role of the Church leader. Liz also gave them a class on child protection, which was a great opportunity for Church leaders to learn about what isn’t done and what should be done to protect children and it was visible to see how a lot of the Pastors eyes were opened to what needs to be done. At the same time as Sergio’s training, the PEPE national conference was also happening in the local Baptist Church, where 71 PEPE teachers attended to spend time together, learn new things, and worship God. Liz gave 3 sessions on child protection and was able to use some of what she learnt at her course in France. It was a special week and one in which we were both encouraged to see what God is doing in both of our ministries.
October letter
“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Col 3:17
We give thanks to God for all He has done over the past month. Liz’s parents arrived safely and we were able to spend a few days away together. They fly back on Thursday. Liz gave a presentation at the school on play therapy and it was well received. She already has 2 clients and a 3rd client will start next week. Sergio had the opportunity to preach at a number of Churches this past month. These are just some of the things we are thankful for. 
Prayer Points for October:
  • Visas for the Action Team. They are due to come on 17th October but as the system has changed, they still don’t have visas as the application was rejected. Also pray for other preparations, safe journeys, and that they will settle in quickly to life here.
• Liz as she continues to do therapeutic play with her clients. That she builds up good relationships and that the process helps these children.
• Chloe as we celebrate her 6th birthday on 29th October.
• Sergio as he travels with the Pastor to visit the missionaries that take part in their training programme – for safe journeys and productive visits and conversations.
• Chloe as she starts home school at the end of the month.
• Liz as she has conversations with a Mozambican lady about becoming responsible for the area of child protection – for open doors and that people will see this as a great opportunity for growth and development by a local for the locals.
• Peace during elections and that the right person be chosen for each election so that both countries can move forward positively.

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