Q: Getting married @ WBC

A: If you are interested in getting married at WBC then your first point of contact should be with the senior minister. You do not need to be a Church Member but we expect at least one of the partners to have a belief in God and that you will attend some of the services before your marriage.

Q: Baby Dedications

A: We do not baptise infants, we baptise believers and clearly a baby can't make an informed decision about this. Parents may however bring their children to the Church to dedicate them to God and to give thanks for them. The service is similar to an infant baptism without the water. If you are interested in this please contact the senior minister.

Q: Funerals

A: Our ministry team perform funerals for a variety of folk who have passed away, not just those who have a Church connection. If you want to discuss this then please talk to the senior minister or the Church administrator.

Q: Lettings

A: The church has an extensive set of rooms and facilities which can be hired out when they are not being used by the Church, provided that the purpose is not in conflict with the Church's mission and ethos. For all room booking enquiries please email the Church Administrator with your request - administrator@waterloovillebaptist.org.uk

Q: What do I wear?
A: There is no need to dress up - wear what you feel comfortable in. You will find some people in suits and other in jeans and T-shirts. People wear what they feel helps them to worship the Lord.

Q: How do I start to meet some people and get involved?

A: After the morning service we have Tea and Coffee and biscuits and people chat to one another. Do introduce yourself to people. The best way to get to know people is to join one of the various groups we have. Have a look on this site for information about groups.

Q: How much does it cost to go there?

A: Nothing to attend - Sunday services are free! Clearly it costs to employ ministers and to run a building so this is why we ask for donations during the service (which we call an offering) but don't worry about it - particularly on your first visit.

Q: What does a typical service look like?

A: The morning services are our more lively services and also we have Junior Church for the children to which they go after about 20 minutes. The evening service is a quieter slightly more traditional service. The morning service is usually led by a Music Group and we sing about six songs, and include prayers, a bible reading and a talk to make you think. You can sample the talks by downloading podcasts from this site.

Q: Can I connect with someone first before going along to a WBC service?

A: Yes - you could contact the Church Administrator and she will happily chat with you.