Berewood Ministry

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Berewood Primary School, Kentridge Way, Waterlooville, PO7 3BE
berewood estate
With 2500 homes being build within a mile of the Church, Waterlooville Baptist has been busy working alongside 2 other churches in the area to establish a 'church presence' on the estate. We have been operating sucessfully now for 3 years.
The Berewood Primary School welcomes us and allows us to run a variety of activities.
Our joint church venture is a once a month Messy Church on a Sunday afternoon.

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Future Messy Church dates for the year are:

16th Sept
21st Oct
18th Nov

Craft work from the Messy Church held on 18th March  - Messy Easter
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Waterlooville Baptist Church also runs these other activities in the school on Wednesday.

coffee morn

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