Thursday Group

The meetings are on the third Thursday of each month, September to May, starting at 7.30 pm for a chat, tea, coffee and a biscuits before the talk starts at 8 pm for about an hour.

We are a very friendly group who have a good time together - age is no barrier.

We have a wide variety of speakers from all walks of life telling us about different aspects of the Lord's work, historical events, places of interest, charities, the local area and hobbies.

You are more than welcome to join us and get to know new people and share ideas.

Rita Pethick

Speakers for Thursday Group 2017 -2018


21st September Elizabeth Foundation – Lorna Hawkins
19th October  ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees’ – John Bennett  
16th November ‘Lost in Time’ – Goff Gleadle
The story of the 1930’s lithographic artist Lawrence Gleadle and his posters
21st December Christmas get together


18th January    ‘Battle of Trafalgar’ - Dave Allport  
15th February    ‘ Forecastle to Footlights’ - Dave Allport
15th March ‘My role as Baptist RN Chaplain’ – Rev Richard Ellingham RN  
19th April ‘Nelson Mandela from Prisoner to President’ - Colin Chambers
Prison Chaplain during Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment on Robben Island
18th May Village Africa - Caroline Johnson

Outing Saturday - June